Board 2012-2013

President/Webmaster – Ari Cuperfain

The only board member to grow up in Canada, Ari has since cleaved from the cold climate and bonded to the city of New York. Finishing his fourth year on campus as a Chemistry major, he has thoroughly enjoyed his experiences in the Chemistry Department. Ari’s particular area of research is in organometallics, specifically fluoronation of aryl groups using palladium-based catalysts. During his free time, he can be found playing old N64 games, reading a good book, or both simultaneously. Ari believes that Helium is the noblest of all the gases.

Vice President – Eli Grunblatt

Eli is currently a junior who hails all the way from Brooklyn, New York. A dual major in Chemistry and Biology, he can often be found in the lab researching the chemical pathways of breast carcinoma cell metastasis. When Eli’s not studying, working, or organizing events for the Chem Club, he has been known to pursue interests such as goaltending and the linguistics of the Indo European languages.

Vice President of Finance– Pesach Baral

Pesach’s interests in chemistry can be traced all the way back to when he was a young lad in the beginning of his freshman year of college.  Now officially a Senior, due to his credits finally being transfered from his Yeshiva in Israel, Yeshivat Orayta, his chemistry experience is both vast and comprehensive.  A Chemistry major and a Math minor, Pesach is in the pre-med track, and can often be found in the the chem lab, either staring intently at Erlenmeyer flasks or waiting for water to boil.

Vice President of R&D– Joshua Fluss

Josh is a fourth year senior, and is the only member of the board perusing an advanced chemistry degree, as a chemistry major and an economics minor. He is from West Orange, New Jersey, and maybe it was something in the air there, but he is interested in a career in the pharmaceutical industry. When not busy enjoying Organic Chemistry, Josh is often found working to strengthen student research on campus and helping local children gain an appreciation for science. When not doing that either (much more often), he enjoys cooking, music, and keeping abreast of technology news.