Upcoming/Ongoing Projects

    Chemistry Lecture Series

Under the umbrella of the Chemistry Lecture Series, Yeshiva University will be hosting several distinguished scientific researchers for a lecture open to the entire student body. Lectures will focus primarily on research being conducted at other institutions on topics relevant to subjects being covered in our classes.

    Chemistry ‘Magic’ Shows

The Chemistry Club puts on biannual ‘magic’ shows to fifth grade students at P.S. 366, a local public school in Washington Heights. These shows are typically aimed to coincide with significant chemistry dates such as Earth Day or National Chemistry Week. Through hands-on experiments, we show the next generation of scientific leaders how fun and engaging chemistry can be, while simultaneously educating them about fundamental, underlying concepts in the natural sciences. Some of our most riveting activities include synthesizing elephant toothpaste to teach students about catalysts; foaming dry-ice cylinders to convey an understanding of endothermic and exothermic reactions; biodegradable packing peanuts to depict pollution and simple ways we can help; chalk exploding in acid to paint a picture of the effects of acid rain on the environment, and many more. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

  • Fall 2010 – National Chemistry Week
  • Spring 2010 – Earth Day

  • Fall 2009 – First YU Chemistry Club Magic Show
    • I.C.E. 2013 (Innovate-Collaborate-Explore) – Poster Session

    For the third year running, the Chemistry Club, along with Undergraduate Research Presentations, the Biology Club, and the Psychology Club, will be hosting a college-wide interdisciplinary poster presentation. This affords Yeshiva University undergraduates the opportunity present their own research as well as learn about the research of others. A prize is awarded for posters within each discipline. In addition to the poster presentation, a special guest speaker is brought in for the event. Last year, ACS Past-President Joseph Francisco came to speak and judge. Two years ago, the Past-President of the American Chemical Society, Tom Lane, delivered the lecture and participated in judging the poster contest, as well.

      Chemistry Shabbaton at Stern College

    The Chemistry Club will be heading to midtown for a fun-filled weekend at Stern College. This is part of our biannual “weekend retreat”. Past events have featured Chemistry taboo and Chemistry Family Feud. Come find out what’s in store for this semester.

      Other Projects