START 2012 – Board Members

Yair Saperstein

Infused with 5 Towns passion, Yair has a zeal for a random eclectic chulent of activities. He plays classical music on piano, enjoys rhetoric as an art, and is trying to pick up computer programming in his spare time — that is, when he isn’t biking. His research focus spans from hydroxy-radical cleaved DNA footprints to computational basis-set limit extrapolations.

Ari Cuperfain
The only board member from Canada, Ari is currently in his third year at Yeshiva University majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Biology. He started as a member of the ACS Chemistry Club back in Spring 2010. He is an avid 49ers fan and enjoys watching satirical Youtube clips when he isn’t busy studying. He also likes applying his scientific knowledge to developing programs for START!.

Menachem Spira

Born and raised in the Deep South in Atlanta, Menachem is presently completing his fourth year at Yeshiva College majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. He particularly enjoys laboratory research with an interest in the biochemistry of cellular immune responses. Always looking for a good book, Menachem is currently reading Michael Chabon’s Summerland (so far, quite good, but will need suggestions soon). Project START Science allows Menachem to share his enthusiasm for the sciences to children, especially when it comes to liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Ike Levine

Ike Levine went to HANC High School before studying for a year at yeshivat hakotel. He is currently in the Shottenstein Honors Program while majoring in Chemistry while being pre-med. He shows off his athleticism on the Tennis team and president of the YU bridgers, a social action club that combines athletics and community service. He is an Organic Chemistry Teachers assistant and member of the chemistry club.

Eli Grunblatt

Eli is currently a sophomore who hails all the way from Brooklyn, New York. A dual major in Chemistry and Biology, he can often be found in the lab researching the chemical pathways of breast carcinoma cell metastasis. When Eli’s not studying, working, or organizing events for the Chem Club, he has been known to pursue interests such as goaltending and the linguistics of the Indo European languages.

Tsipora Huisman

Tsipora comes all the way from far away Amsterdam. She enjoys to read, cook, and relax. Currently she works in a research lab at Einstein, is pre-med, and is very happy with her new found free time as a Stern alumn. She could not get enough of START!, combining her love for science and teaching kids. What could be better?

Batya Gounder
Josh Fluss
Steven Lowinger
Gilad Barach
Talya Laufer
Ari Gartenberg
Elana Levy
Nancy Shilian
Jesse Samuel Kanter
Gedalia Kott
Michael Epstein
Binyamin Rosen
Ayelet Bersson
Osnat Kuyunov
Elia Rackovsky
Devora Weinstock
Mark Weingarten
Tyler Chanokh Berenson
Erica Hasten
Jordana Schneider
Henny Tsikhanovski Bochner
Isaac Attia
Avi Levy
Michelle Haimowitz
Levana Massihesraelian
Menachem Goldstein
Chana Weinstock
Zev Dlott
Eli Miller
Amy Nathan
Yakira Abramowitz
Devora Rahimian
Yaakov Fried
Pesach Baral
Baruch Cohen
Chumie Yagod
Benjamin Kadish
Daniel Simkin
Kira Joel
Yosef Hoffman
David Kornbluth
Yaakov Tuchman
Aryeh Stock
Daniel First
Steven Krausz
Elizabeth Goldberger
Samantha Selesny
Tova Schiff
Moshe Apfel
Uri Schneider
Roni Zemelman
Benjamin Statman
Rachel Lunzer
Bracha Einzig
Shalom Barishansky
Ronit Goldberg
Shimon Farber
Estee Robin
Shmuel Herzig
Ariella Kashi
Tehilla Brander
Vanessa Meyerowitz
Chaim Szachtel
Naomi Friedman
Miriam Andrusier
Ryan Fiter
Aharon Fireman
Daniel Schwab
Asher Apsan
Sammy Gelnick
Sarina Miller
Bella Wolf
Chaim Strassman
Devorah Farber
Rachel Weinberger
Jeremy Lichtman
Rivky Gittleman
Jordana Wernick
Dina Golfeiz
Lauren Faleck
Daniela Garzon
David Barris
Racheli Barris
Judy Alper
Dani Weiss
Amalia Weinberg
Daniel Landesman
Elisheva Aeder
Davida Kollmar
Atara Siegel
Sam Cohen
Meira Lerner
Sarah Edinger
Elad Farzalla
Rachel Blinick
Sarah Nattel
Yonah Sturmwind
Adam Ariel
Emily Levine
Yehuda Stiefel
Tania Schiff
Paul Creeger
Ely Mendelev
Shira Lasker
Moshe Pasarel
Chanan Freilich
MJ Weingarten
Zach Bienenfeld
Moshe Siegel
Tzvi Goldfeder
Shira Marder
Ari Friedman
Ronit Lebor
Talia Pruzansky
Rachel Kirshenbaum
Adena Kleiner
Leedan Cohen
Daniel Helfgott
Racheli Ramras
Elazar Alper
Rami Mafouda
Jordana Wietschner
Eitan Urkowitz
Michal Wrotslavsky
Jacob Brent
Shifra Glasner
Moshe Wasserman
Rebecca Peyser
Rebecca Ben
Aliza Gordon
Yosefa Schoor
Avital Meiri
Robert Grad
Joseph Buchsbaum
Chani Herzig
Batsheva Rosen
David Khabinsky


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